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Marita Perera

Marita is a Certified Clinical Master Herbalist, QHHT Level 2 Practitioner, Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor, Vedic Counselor, Reiki Practitioner, Animal Reiki Practitioner, Shaman, Spiritual Coach and and Energy Healer.

With a bachelors degree in Business Management, she worked as a Business Systems Analyst in the corporate world. She thought she achieved the ultimate goal because that was her dream job. Little did she know that the world of spirituality and healing would beckon her as medicine was the last job she thought of doing.

In 2016, while visiting a friend in Vegas, she was introduced to this psychic who told her that her aura was dim and with a payment of $400, that can be taken care of by the psychic. Although she wasn’t very psychic at that time, she can sniff a fraud from a mile away so she bid the psychic goodbye and left disappointed.

She was craving for answers to unknown questions. It was as if destiny was beckoning her. After coming back to Chicago, she still wondered what is this sudden feeling of wanting have more. Then her friend messaged saying that she found a proper psychic medium this time. Somehow her session was before the friend’s. Marita was mind blown at the things that were told.

Then began activations for the spiritual journey and downloads became frequent. All the new information that she found out seemed surreal but the experiences were something that couldn’t be denied. The phase of rapid learning also began as she was guided to meditate, research and read on several different subjects relating to spirituality.

It was an influx of so much knowledge that was overwhelming yet resonated very deeply. The interactions with angels, star beings, ascended masters and other light beings became frequent. Spiritual abilities/ psychic powers began to emerge. Spiritual practices were put in place to hone the skills. Diet, lifestyle and other aspects began to change in her life.

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Plant Medicine Retreat in Costa Rica

Marita experienced her Dark Night of the Soul towards the end of 2017 till a better part of 2018 where a complete purification took place to prepare for the healing work ahead. Dark Night of the Soul is something like an unbearable time period where everything in life collapses, the person goes deep into depression and then contemplation of the present circumstances. This is something like a rite of passage to embark on the spiritual journey and to become a healer.

Marita left Chicago and moved to Corpus Christi, TX in June 2017 like a lamb drawn towards the slaughter house to begin the months of mediation, studying and creating changes in life. A very unexpected visitor called Hurricane Harvey was announced on a certain Tuesday of August 2017. It was a storm that quickly escalated to a hurricane by that Friday. Roads were already filled with scared travelers heading away from Corpus, where the eye of the hurricane was supposed to hit. Though she was panicking the options seems very little and she ended up staying in town with a handful of others who were planning to “ride it out”

The hurricane brought much misfortune to her life as it caused shock and trauma. For months she struggled unable to speak, go outside or do anything much. No one, not even she, understood the depth of that incident. Her body began to change, became allergic to food, lost her appetite, began losing hair due to the excess stress. The worries and struggles continued as her family did not understand what was going on. They only understood her financial struggle, which became a burden to them. For two years she struggled to heal and finally was able to complete the healing from fibromyalgia in 2019 using energy medicine.

During this time, she saw the true faces of many friends and family. It was a struggle alone but she learned how superficial relationships can be. She craved to find real friends but the studying and self-healing took priority. Many situations took place that served as lessons to learn from that made her wiser. She learned about the reality of life and the spiritual journey. The experience and knowledge is now utilized to teach and guide others through coaching sessions. The healing methods she learned to heal herself are used to heal others now. Trauma healing session is one of the sessions that took 2 years to formulate and complete, which is now being used to heal clients with trauma in three sessions.


Beach in Pasikudah, Sri Lanka

Many healers have to go through much personal struggle to become a vessel to allow the healing energy to flow through. There are many times Marita thought of going back to her old life before the spiritual awakening. Life is a teacher and Earth is a school, for those of you didn’t know this. There is much life teaches us when we pay attention. There is so much wisdom woven amidst experiences and human interactions.

By 2018, she moved back to Chicago, IL and began working at the previous company of employment, where she continued to take classes to prepare for the healing work. This was a true sacrifice as the extra money and time were spent on education and spiritual practices. Getting up at 4 am to do some spiritual work before work and going back to studying and spiritual work till it’s time to sleep became the norm. Many wounds were being healed and lessons being learned as those would be the foundation of healing work and teaching materials.

Marita is now able to utilize all the theoretical knowledge, practical knowledge and esoteric knowledge that came through with meditation and downloads into practice with Spiritual Serenity. All the work and learning now make sense as she takes upon client cases that might seem difficult. There is much happiness derived from this work as Marita is able to heal and change the lives of clients.

Marita is a blue ray twin flame, a Sirian starseed, a lightworker, a shaman, a divine channel, trauma healer, past life karma healer, chakra healer, tarot reader and negative energy remover. She uses clairsentience, claircognizance, clairaudience and clairvoyance during healing sessions. She uses many ways to channel Source energy for healing purposes such as through writing, channeled art, light language and dancing. She works very closely with Arcturus healers, Sirian healers (blue and white lodge masters and lion beings), Pleidians, archangels, fairies, whales, dolphins, ascended masters such as Mother Mary, Lord Shiva, Ganesha, Yeshua and many others who help heal specific attributes. She engages in spiritual practices throughout the day to keep the connection strong and does daily purification of her energy field to bring the purest healing possible.

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