Past Life Retrogression


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What this session includes is:

  1. A meditation that is provided to the client to prepare for the upcoming session as a daily practice leading up to the day of the session
  2. A preparation guide is provided on what to eat and how to set intentions for the session
  3. Simple guidance to a past life during the session
  4. Discover and see what that life was about in details
  5. Explore aspects that the higher self and guides show that could bring healing

This session will enable you to see past lives with the guidance of your higher self and guides. The goal is to facilitate healing of karma and soul imprints to help clients move past blocks that are preventing from moving to the next milestone in life.

Healing is an important part of spiritual journey and very necessary in order to perform our life purpose. Re-energize by removing aspects that are weighing down to bring in positive vibrations!




Past life retrogression session to navigate back and discover past life karma and soul imprint that needs healing. Simple guidance into past lives that is affordable. The session is about 2 hours. Book your session today.



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