Spiritual Coaching Session


This session provides guidance and counseling in a safe space where any life purpose or spiritual topic can be discussed such as:

  • Regarding the current spiritual path of client
  • How to incorporate spirituality into the client’s life
  • Sharing concerns in life to get guidance
  • Discover different tools that will fit the client
  • Discuss the spiritual experiences the client has had

Much more….

Embarking on this healing journey will help the client to see things from a different perspective and to recognize the patterns that keeps them stuck. The discussion itself can be healing as the blocks, fears and suppression of the energy maybe what is holding you back.



By purchasing this service you agree to the following:

The counselor does not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. These sessions do not take the place of medical care. It is recommended that a licensed physician or licensed health care professional is seen for any physical or psychological ailment that you may have. The session can complement any medical or psychological care. The body has the ability to heal itself. The long term imbalances in the body and mind sometimes require multiple sessions in order to facilitate the level of effects.


Spiritual Coaching SESSION 1 hour

Spiritual coaching session will help you find the right spiritual path and practices in life. To do that, the coach will work with you to find out what will work well with your lifestyle and life enhancing practices that can be added to the daily routine. It’s all about being conscious of the present moment. Through focus, control can be gained over life and present reality.

This session will help the client to come into an alignment with the universe to find true self and life purpose. That leads to a happy and content life.

The coach will assist the client to investigate the current negative patterns in their life and transition out of those cycles to be set free. Sometimes, small changes make a huge difference. Working WITH the universal energies puts life on a smoother route. The overall success of completing the life lessons and reaching goals helps the soul evolve to the next level.

The session could be about asking questions about the spiritual journey, discussing topics of interest regarding spirituality or cosmic knowledge, finding the right path in life or anything else that you would like to talk about regarding the spiritual life.

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30 Minutes, 60 Minutes, 90 Minutes


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