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Purging Collective Trauma


Purging collective trauma was shown to me so vividly that it felt so real being a child as the things came up to purge for myself and the collective. Purges have gone to the next level. I was told to write the experience down to remember the feelings and sensations involved to help in providing services to others. ⠀

Some areas I purged and learned from were:⠀
💫Child sexual abuse within family and friends ⠀

💫Feeling angry with adults as a child for not listening to what I had to say or paying attention to me⠀

💫Feeling confusion a child would feel when they were sexually abused and made to feel like it’s their fault⠀

💫Inability to process the right and wrong in a situation to be able to stand up for myself (often children are not able to have a proper set of moral ethics until a certain age)⠀

💫Children who experience trauma below the age of 10 are often confused about their personalities and question themselves⠀

Purging collective trauma is a very important part of ascension because it allows light to enter as darkness is cleared.