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Eclipse on November 30th

eclipse on November 30th

This eclipse on November 30th entails a planetary clearing at a deeper level. At an individual level old, outdated patterns are being released to continue the change towards a new way of being. To be precise, it is the original way of being on earth.

There is chaos before order, disharmony before peace and darkness before light. We are stepping into a time where things are wrapping up for the year as well as for the era.

For the last month, most of what I witnessed was the astral realm being cleared. It holds the karma and unresolved issues. By facing one’s this own demons per se, we are able to release fears. Be releasing what’s tying us down, we are able to release the chains binding us to 3D.

What arises from the base desires are being faced head on to release from them once and for all. Some may experience old habits or addictions coming back so that the root cause can be addressed in order to heal.

⭐️Look deep within to find the answers. They are always within. As long as you seek them out, you will find them ⭐️