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Purpose of Being Here


Purpose of being here is not clear to many people. Not everyone is here for the same purpose. But the truthers are being scrutinized for spreading the truth because it’s not pleasant for people.

Here is the real deal. Some of us lightworkers have to go in to see these things, feel what those innocent people felt and actually transmutate to bring in healing light.

I cry and cry for days when I have to do one of these healings. Not many can handle seeing this. It’s very confusing for the brain because these things we have never even imagined would happen.

They do happen. It’s real. There are of course agendas as well out there. To discern you need to tap into your guidance from within. Connect with Source. See the truth for what it is. When something is COLLECTIVELY REJECTED, that’s when it actually disappears from our reality. We must see it and make the intention to not have it in our reality.

Light is bringing the darkness to light to heal earth. If you don’t have the balls to face the truth and heal so we all can ascend together, then step aside for those who are willing to do the work.