Road to Serenity

Road to Serenity – The Journey (3)


The spiritual journey is different for different people. The main goal is to feel tranquility of knowing that you are on the right path. It also allows you to think with a clear mind. Although the journey is different for everyone, the destination is the same. The goal is to balance out the karma from the past, learn the life lessons and complete the life purpose.

We are all here to fulfill different purposes in life. All of us are here to experience and live life to its fullest potential. The human experience is unique and the level of spiritual growth varies. Some of us are here to learn specific subjects such as experience a certain career path while some are here to nurture emotional aspects like love. Some of us are here to teach, to heal or to live as an example to people.

An example would be someone who wishes to have a childhood that is filled with love. The parents they choose would be the ideal set of parents who would help them achieve that purpose. Whereas some would want to experience a life with difficulties that they need to overcome. Life purpose and lessons are the challenges that we set for the current life. Yes, they are all pre-planned by you according to what you want to experience prior to birth. Each life experience allows your soul to grow and expand through experience.

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Each decision is a crossroad where a path is chosen that will lead to the next milestone. There is no right or wrong. If the chosen path is wrong, then we are taken back to another crossroad that will eventually lead to the right path. The best place to validate decisions is by going within. The heart center will help make the best choices through emotions such as feeling of joy when in the right path.

Although tomorrow may seem so far away and yesterday will seem unforgettable, the key is to be present. Focus on the now moment do do what you are doing now to the best of your abilities while being conscious of it. When we dwell in the past or future, we are not thinking of now to give the task at hand 100%. The journey is one step at a time, one day at a time.