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Song of 144 000

Song-of-the-144 000

The analogy for the Song of 144 000 that my guides used was an orchestra. Each player emitting a unique vibrational sound when awakened. Together the they form a perfectly synchronized symphony whose sound can awaken millions to their true awareness of divinity within them. ⠀

How wonderful it is to be part of that orchestra! Joy, laughter, kindness, sincerely, honesty, truth, illumination, creativity, compassion and much more are some of the vibrational “sounds” that makes up the complete song. That song = LOVE that vibrates through every part of earth shaking darkness to its core. No rival can match its splendor or nothing in creation is above LOVE. ⠀

🌟 Song of 144 000 was Channeled through Archangel Metatron🌟⠀