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Ascension Lesson From Lord Buddha


Photo credit: my⠀

One day I was guided to watch a movie of the life story of Lord Buddha and the scene in the above post stuck on my mind. There is an ascension lesson from Lord Buddha.

He left his life as a prince and found this Bodhi tree to meditate under. He didn’t know when his next meal would be but he kept going because he wanted to find the cause of all the suffering in this world. ⠀

While meditating, as shown in the pic, there were so many dark beings attempting to distract him. As you can see the golden shield protected his aura. ⠀

The lesson that was shown to me was to focus within while having a golden shield around me. Focusing on the goal of being service to others or just minding your own business, per say, keeps the focus away from potential distractions. ⠀

Ascension journey is the same. There are many paths ahead of us, some lead us to our destination, some lead us astray. Faith and determination can help us see the true path. Although distractions may be loud, being in full control of our own mind is the key to ascension. ⠀

During this transmission, I channel the key to ascension through Lord Buddha for each of you to download for your own personal journey as an ascension lesson from Lord Buddha.