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True Love Intimidates Those Who Feel Unworthy of Love


True Love Intimidates Those Who Feel Unworthy of Love

To those who believe that they are unworthy of love, true love seems forceful. They cannot accept it in their hearts because unconditional love is bigger than what their hearts can hold.
True love requires healing. Mending each part of the heart into the whole takes time and effort. The most grueling part of the journey is the healing. It requires facing, feeling and forgiving. This part hurts beyond anything. The very things that compartmentalized the mind through trauma comes up to the surface. The parts hidden deep away becomes real. When they are not just a dream or a faded memory life turned upside down.

Control is lost and chaos ensues. Masks come off to reveal the lost little child. The one who no one saved or protected. The one who was left to fend for themselves. The one who was left defenseless. Where were the trusted ones? They are now among the betrayers. Heart is shattered by the memories all over again.

The child has lost the identity because nothing seems real. What is wrong was taught to be right. Who is good turned out to be bad. When nothing of this world feels right but somehow they convinced that this is how the world is. “How can true love exist in a world like this?”, the child thought. “There is no such thing. Angels only exist in heaven. They never come down. God is watching but the world is too dark for him to come down to save anyone. Who will save me now?” The child wondered.

After waiting and waiting, the child gave up hope and curled up to go to sleep. The world went silent. Dark layer covered up the light in the heart. Another angel forgot about their divinity. All he has to do is look behind to see his wings, to look within to see his light. So, true love intimidates those who feel unworthy of love until they heal their inner child.