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Get to Know Self Intimately


Get to know self intimately.

As this ending is approaching, look back and reflect on the subtlety of life. Everything around you is temporary and fragile, including your feelings and emotions. What is yours now can be lost forever in just a moment, in a second. No amount of wisdom can prepare you to know how life unfolds.

With experience you become whole. It is not thought, but action that helps you get there. It is action towards a different direction that finally breaks old cycles, not just the thought of it, not even just the understanding.  It is the thought that gives the idea for an action, but it is only the action itself is what conveys the choice you made and consolidates the lessons you have learnt… It is actioning that triggers the creation of new timelines with a whole new set of possibilities.

You are you. Sit with yourself, Just BE. Become familiar with yourself. Learn to be friends with yourself. Self talk is not crazy. Learn to talk to yourself. It is in solitude that you can truly start to see yourself: Learn what you like, understand what hurts you and forgive yourself. Look at the person you have become in this moment and recognize how far you have come.  You have changed so much from the last time you got to know yourself.

If you don’t know where to begin finding yourself again, ask yourself the difficult questions:

When did you start to think that was wrong to listen to yourself?

When did you start to feel like your wants should be pushed away to accommodate the needs or wants of another?

Why did you behave like that?

What are your vulnerabilities?

Why did you step aside?

Why did you let them walk all over you?

When did you change to that version?

Do you like it?

If you don’t, then ask yourself who you want to be, because who you truly are deep down in the core of all the answers you are afraid to answer is the person you want to be. The person you have always wanted to be is not a new concept that is unattainable, it’s who you are when you start taking action. There is nobody better or more comfortable to you than yourself. It’s yourself whom you have known your entire life.

Get to know self intimately again. Rejoice in the knowing that self recognition is achieved only by a few and you are one of them. Your path to freedom now lies ahead.