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Be the Observer of Reality

Be the observer of reality

When we react to experiences, we allow those experiences to control our life and emotions. This has a direct impact on our energy field. Be the observer of reality rather than the experiencer.

Instead learn to be the witness or the observer of your reality. When we pay attention to our environment with readiness rather than with fear, reality can be handled in the way we want.

Being the observer means that you don’t take the situation personally or allow yourself to be the victim. Being in control of the reality enables us to see what’s coming rather than be surprised.

Emotions are not going emerge as reactions because the observer is just watching but not really part of the experience. The lack of emotional investment leaves energy and room to see the bigger picture and remain calm. Then we see many of our emotional reactions are unnecessary.

What is to come will come. What is to happen will happen. That’s the way of the universe. Be in the flow.