Road to Serenity

Road to Serenity – Vibration (4)


This is the Road to Serenity – Vibration (4), the fourth part of the blog series that will help you through ascension. These blog posts are meant to help clearly identify steps in the spiritual path. Today we discuss about how your thoughts and vibrations would affect your reality and how to raise the frequency to a higher level.

Every thought in our head goes out of us as energy. It surrounds us with vibrations that are of various frequencies. Higher vibrations are the results of positive thoughts. Those high vibrations work with “like attracts like” principle and pulls in positive experiences. Our fears, in turn, brings in negative experiences.

The reason for this is the basic principle of “As above, so below” and vice versa. As powerful co-creators of our reality, what we think becomes reality eventually. The universe is a thought in the mind of God. Universe is the result of thoughts. Thoughts are everywhere and there is not a thought that has been created before. What is meant to happen comes as a thought and all of existence is based on a thought.

With this principle we can understand that every thought we “catch” is the result of the vibration we hold. That vibration attracts similar thoughts from the universe to create your reality. Universe does not separate bad and good. It matches frequency and vibration. So, fears manifest as beings and animals in the astral realm that seem very scary. We see it as dream when the astral realm reveals itself to us.

Let’s say you constantly think about bills. That’s all you can think of. You think about how low your bank account is and how many bills you have. The mind is picturing the low account balance and the bills. Your thoughts as vibrations around you will attract more bills, more ways to spend money and always will keep your bank account in check to make sure you have a low balance.

To attract a positive outcome, imagine your bank account with the desired amount of money. Take your bank statement and add more zeros to imagine you having it. Pay your bills and tear up the paper as an indication that you do not enjoy it. Browse through the internet to look at what you desire to have and imagine it in your house. Instead of saying you do not have something, think about having it and feel happy the emotions.

To train your mind to be on a positive note, practice by setting small goals at first and achieving them. That way, you can figure out the patterns that leads to success and set bigger goals in motion. Finding what works for you by trial and error allows you to discover how energies work and the power it holds in changing our lives for the better.

Each achievement will set a positive vibration in the energy field that will pulsate out to the universe indicating you like it. That attracts more of it. By being the witness of the reality instead of being the experience or the experiencer, we can gain control of the reality and emotions that we depict. It’s like playing a video game. We are not our avatar but we control the next moves based on what becomes available and with available tools. As we level up, more tools become available and more areas are explored.

Observing means paying attention. Being alert is a vital part of the journey. It is not being distracted by thoughts of TV shows, what to buy next or other meandering thoughts that are not resourceful. Imagine what you would like to have consciously. Think about how to achieve them. Think about what options you have in life.

Meditation, prayers or mantras are recommended for this purpose as we can practice putting the focus on one point to quiet the mind. The idea is to collect the thoughts and be in control of the mind. Thoughts follow action. Action follow manifestations in life.