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Activations and Downloads October

Activations and downloads October

Activations and downloads October.

As we navigate through these energies that are coming in, it may seem difficult to know what to do. Remember we are now mastering higher realms.

The astral realm holds our projected fears and desires in the shape of demons or animals. Lifetimes of karma is also there to be resolved.

When we consciously dive into do the shadow work when they present themselves through dreams or life experiences, rather than running away, see what is the lesson and release the fear. When we face a fear, it loses the power and dissipates faster.

When it comes to earthly desires, there are those that holds us back in lack mentality. Desire to have more comes from a place of lack. That lack creates a void that must be filled to satisfy the need to fit into the social norms. When the base desires are let go one by one, the feeling of contentment returns to its rightful place.

Flow like water. Flow creates momentum. Flow creates rhythm. Flow creates way for abundance.