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Do Not Suppress Your Self-Expression

Do not suppress your self-expression

Do not suppress your self-expression. Suppression of self expression is so common. Why are we taught to keep quiet or limit what what want to say as children?

Suppression of self expression through fear conditioning, especially speech, causes blocks in the throat chakra.

As adults, we all carry wounds related to self expression. We were told we are too loud, too talkative, what we say is inappropriate, what we say is not interesting enough or the worst one of all is being compared with another person.

The reason for existence itself is to express, create and share what we have with the world. Suppression limits the creative power. The playing field gets smaller because there are many people to please or not offend.

But why do we have to walk on eggshells when we are here to express our self? At the end of this life when you look back, how can you say you lived the best life?

Speak your truth, share your art, share your thoughts, share your opinion and live listening to your heart. Do not suppress your self-expression. Joy is found when your time and energy is spent doing things you love. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your authenticity.