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Find Quietness in Solitude

Find quietness in solitude

Find quietness in solitude. The experience will open you up the universe. That feeling of not needing to be anything else other than just “being”. It’s like being a part of the universe and all that is needed is to exist and do joyful things.

Often people have worries that are not even their own. They worry about things that hasn’t happened yet. They worry about their neighbor. They worry about their kids. Worry about the worries they have.

The worries are distractions. The externally oriented worries often reflect a person’s refusal to address their own issues that needs attention. It’s easier to worry about others’ imperfections than to heal their own wounds.

Once you connect to the universe, all things fall into place. All the illusions and worries disappear because they were only the limitations that the kind created. When you find quietness in solitude, a whole new path opens up for you.

Matrix mentality is to be busy always, finding things to keep the hamster wheel spinning so no one can contemplate on the true goals of life. Disconnecting from the matrix by spending quiet time to break away from the madness is the only way out.