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Empaths do not have it easy. After learning to differentiate between their own emotions and other people’s emotions, an empath can become powerful and confident in their healing abilities. We are here to serve others the best way we can.

Solar plexus plays a major role in an empaths life. This is the chakra what we use communicate with the rest of the world. Our personality and energy is portrayed through the solar plexus. Here is also where we absorb other’s energy when we “feel” them out.

It’s a long journey for an empath when it comes to learning how to differentiate their energy from others. I remember feeling depressed for no reason. It did take me time to learn that living in apartments, that I may be feeling what others are feeling.

Once the gift is mastered, we can learn to harness it’s energy well to benefit ourselves and others. It is a very beautiful gift to have, especially when it comes to understanding others deeply at a personal level. As a healer, an empath can help at a more personal level with that understanding.