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The Value of Girls

The value of girls

The value of girls are often neglected. Women often forget that they themselves is a daughter and a woman. Having not been taught their own value, how can the wisdom of the worth of a woman be passed on to the younger generations?

The one who creates life in her womb, the one who gives birth and the one who nurtures has somehow become someone who is not worth a damn in certain cultures.

Another part I want to touch on is the criticism. It was hammered into my mind that there are a lot of things men can do that women can’t. Women must obey men. Women are below men.

These are the same reasons that motivated to prove them wrong one day. I wanted to show that we are all equals. No one is greater than another. The value of girls is worth something.

The bottom line is that people treat others the same way they feel or treat themselves. When consciousness rises, wounds can be healed and perceptions can be elevated.