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Light Language 15


Channeled light language 15 is a channeled light language meant to activate and trigger healing. Light language art is meant to be for healing purposes. It triggers different things for different individuals. Some are activations that will trigger advancements in your journey. Some are upgrades or downloads that are provided to you at the right time.

We are going through a portal this week that will bring about a considerable shift in our lives. All what we’ve been working towards.

Right now the shedding of the old identity is taking place along with cutting of cords that attaches to old ways of being. This portal will take all to mother higher timeline.

Body is adjusting so rest as necessary. The changes we waited for are coming to fruition, rest assured.

These pieces are not limited to a specific time. It is timeless and can be used to meditate upon to gain benefits. Light language 15 is a piece that will help you in your spiritual and ascension journey.