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Happy Equinox


Happy Equinox!

Coming out of the chaos that ensued for the last two weeks, I see how much this equinox is removing out of our lives to bring in the right changes. ⠀

Truths came to light that I’ve been ignoring or refuse to acknowledge for months. It brought up so much to clear and heal. It also shocked me to the point of creating a block in heart chakra. It was a total breakdown for days with no energy to even process. I know many of us went through this phase to clear some much needed stagnant energy. ⠀

I went on to question all the work that I’ve been doing, without trusting my own judgement or intuition because I didn’t know what to believe. During this breakdown, I had to make choices. ⠀

I chose to be better than who I was yesterday. I asked God to help me get to be all that I can be because I’m here to be of service. Lesson was to recognize my own unique set of skills. I no longer have to fit into a mold or deny parts of myself that doesn’t fit “spirituality”, that meant embracing my shadow side. ⠀

It was recognizing that I no longer need to force myself or battle within to accept the individual who is known as my twin flame when my heart clearly states otherwise. Although certain things are unknown, the journey takes us exactly where we need to go. ⠀

In the act of dancing with the universe, I chose to dive into the waves of energies that originate from unconditional love within the Source. The clouds began to shift away as the light sparkled around, illuminating all that is in alignment. Joy returned to my life. ⠀