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Fire Element


🔥 Fire Element 🔥

There is illumination in fire. All matter is hidden until light shines upon it to make it visible. The reflection of it against the object in observation makes it possible for the eyes to take the external expression of the environment.

Fire represents transmutation. Fire makes transfiguration possible. The alchemy of combining Hydrogen molecules with Oxygen through alchemy creates water.

Fire creates. That’s why it’s called “Fires of Creation”. Fire exists in different dimensions as different expressions, be it subtle or gross. But it exists.

Fire element makes planets, stars and moons visible in the night sky. All that is dark is not empty. It’s just matter not lit.

Consciousness comes into being through light. Light is knowledge. Light is wisdom. Being illuminated means being filled with knowledge. From darkness there comes light. From ignorance to wisdom.

Ascension is achieving more light to hold more knowledge and understanding. To be aware of more. More light means more ability to receive awareness. Light makes it possible to absorb an experience.