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Light Language 14


Channeled light language 14 is a channeled light language meant to activate and trigger healing. Light language art is meant to be for healing purposes. It triggers different things for different individuals. Some are activations that will trigger advancements in your journey. Some are upgrades or downloads that are provided to you at the right time.

“Interdimensional Travel”⠀

This is what dimensions interlapping each other looks like, as I was shown. Wonder of how different vibrations can exist woven together but also separated by vibration. Each has its own flavor. Look into the symbols to interpret the energy in each dimension and tell me what you see. It’s for those with the eyes to see. ⠀

Do you see some flow, some glide, some with water, some swift as air, some complex while some with friction. There are some that expands consciousness so wide, some organized, some chaotic, some joyful, some elated while some calm. ⠀

Which one do you prefer? ⠀

These pieces are not limited to a specific time. It is timeless and can be used to meditate upon to gain benefits. Light language 14 is a piece that will help you in your spiritual and ascension journey.