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Healing the Mother Wound


Healing the mother wound is a big one. The relationship that children experiences with their parents defines the type of relationships they will have with others as adults. The role model for a typical female is seen through the mother. If the relationship was nurturing, the child’s idea of a female is positive and vice versa of the relationship was rocky.

Many of my clients come with the mother wound. It deeply affects a human more than wounds from the father. The idea of a mother is a being who flows with unconditional love and nurture. When the mother becomes the source of pain, that ideal image gets distorted causing confusion in the mind.

Most common pattern I’ve noticed is the battle between the truth and trying to justify why the mother is like that. Usually the child blames themselves. As they progress into adulthood, there comes a time when logic precedes to highlight the truth.

Typical scenarios are that the mother wasn’t there for them, supper wasn’t provided, of the verbal or physical abuse and the neglect they faced.

The question is who is to blame? The answer is neither because the mother is carrying the same wound carried through from the bloodline. That’s how she learned and experienced.

This is how wounds from the bloodlines are carried forward. We learn from what we see and experience as children.

Today there is a heavy emphasis on healing the mother wound. Let’s release the negative and keep the positive to build a better future