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Claiming Sovereignty


Claiming sovereignty is an ongoing theme as true freedom is uncovered layer by layer.

True freedom is being able to live the magic of the universe without any limitations and boundaries. The very limitations that forms our “proper adult” psyche are what prevents the magic from being seen. Bound by obligations, religious beliefs, debt, television and other errands, there is no time spent in quiet contemplation. When was the last time you got to know yourself?

Do you realize that you are wearing masks that society put on for you so you can fit in. They thought now that you are a father, this is the most appropriate set of behaviors. Or, now that you are a graduate, this is the set of behaviors. You were taught to fit into a group with similar qualities. Then there came the separation of being different from other groups. So if you wanted to paint, you can’t because it doesn’t fit the norms of your group. It’s only for those “artists” who are looked down upon (this is just an example). You were taught not to be like them.

A sovereign being is free to explore all sides of life without hinderances. There is no fear of what others might think. There is no fear of failure because everything is a lesson and an experience. There is no getting hurt from what others say because your heart’s joy is the validation you ever need.

Universe is calling you to be free. Let go of the constraints and the weight that’s put on you to be light. When fears and attachments are let go of, you take control back. Free to think. Free to make decisions. Free to slow down to witness the magic of life. Claiming sovereignty is this.