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Who are the Blue Ray Beings


Who are the Blue Ray Beings? Channeled message by Archangel Michael to help Blue Rays understand their role and mission. ⠀

🔹Blue Ray beings are the first ray out of the seven rays ⠀

🔹They are about the Divine Will and implementation of God’s Will in the planet⠀

🔹They represent Illumination that dissipates illusion of 3D⠀

🔹 They pave the way to 5D as forerunners

🔹Though they are of unconditional love, they are also fierce warrior archetypes that dismantles the darkness to pave way for the light⠀

🔹They are a warrior class that do not take “no” for an answer

🔹They dedicate their lives to build for the new earth constantly ⠀
🔹They are fearless and can stand against a crowd to uphold their views and thoughts⠀

🔹They are gifted healers⠀

I hope this helped to understand who are the Blue Ray Beings.