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Light Language 8


Channeled light language 8 is a channeled light language meant to activate and trigger healing. Light language art is meant to be for healing purposes. It triggers different things for different individuals. Some are activations that will trigger advancements in your journey. Some are upgrades or downloads that are provided to you at the right time.

I’ve been going through a lot of shadow work this weekend. It was finding points of resistance in the body and figuring out the cause. If there were any personalities or timelines created to cope with trauma, I had to access those and release them. ⠀

For a healer, the most important part is doing shadow work to become a clear channel. For a lightworker, more light can be anchored if we clear the denseness. ⠀

As a twin flame, there were much darkness I had taken on in this lifetime to heal. I saw so much trauma coming from the bloodline, the race and country. So much programming had to be undone at a DNA level and so much conditioning had to be done at a mental level. ⠀

As part of the collective healing we go through so much. One important message I received was that it wasn’t my fault. We hold so much of guilt thinking that so much is our fault when it’s not. ⠀

Receive this transmission to decode the message that was meant for you. At this point in your journey, this is what Source is giving you as guidance, activation, shadow work or otherwise that will help you. I’m honored to be of service. ⠀

These pieces are not limited to a specific time. It is timeless and can be used to meditate upon to gain benefits. Light language 8 is a piece that will help you in your spiritual and ascension journey.