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Stop Struggling and Think I Am the Light


Stop struggling and think I Am the Light. Hermatic principle 1 The Principle of Mentalism. “The All is mind; the universe of mental” ⠀

3D is constructed to keep humans mentally imprisoned so they are not aware of their origin through the illusion of separation. Realizing that we are one with THE ALL ends the search for something bigger to fill the void. Realizing that the universe is mental enables us to create our reality as masters by moving to the 5D to manifest and create the reality of the 4D and 3D. ⠀

Since the universe is mental, imagination is the key to magic. Close your eyes. Transport yourself to the higher planes. View the 3D from there and change the energy of the 3D reality. Transmutate the dark to light. Mind is the key, imagination is the tool and faith is the fuel. ⠀

WE ARE THE LIGHT that shines together as one. We are of Source. We are the grid that hold the heaven on Earth. I AM ALL THAT I AM as a part of ALL THAT IS. Stop struggling and think I Am the Light when stuck and remember who you are.