ChakrasPatala Chakras

Lower Chakras – Patala Chakra


Name: Patala Chakra

Location: Soles of the feet

Meaning: Region of wickedness

Plane: Kakola

Occupied by: Nagas

Ruler: Vasuki

Functions: – Imbalance in this chakra is shown by destructiveness and the need to get revenge where the suffering of others becomes a state of enjoyment.- Humanity is lost where one would commit murder just for the sake of it, absent of any respect to living beings.- Remorse is not shown as hatred and delight in torture dominates the mind.

Patala chakra is the lowest level of the patala chakras and this is the deepest of the negative emotions. At this level, the limits and fears of doing the wrong are shattered. There will not be any remorse shown at the immoral deeds done towards other living beings.