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Patala or Lower Chakras


Patala or lower chakras are associated with the negative, animal nature of our human character. These seven chakras are aligned with the 7 lower planes or Paatala, just above hell or Naraka. Within these states of darkness which are called Talas, the Ego precedes the senses, leading to overindulgence and committing of the deadly sins.The connection to the material world is very strong as the Oneness of the universe is forgotten and the negative emotions lose control if these chakras are not reigned in.

To balance these lower chakras, concentrate on the Patala Chakra at the soles of the feet and feel the body connecting to earth. Allow the excessive negative energy to flow out through it. Visualize the lush brown earth color Patala chakra spinning and taking in the positive energy up to the body to replace the parts the negative energy left in the lower body. 

It is important to know that darkness exists side by side with the light. Out of the darkness (unmanifested) came light (manifested). Therefore, dark should not be feared but accepted and kept in balance.

Below are the seven Tala or lower chakras:

  • Atala
  • Vitala
  • Sutala
  • Talatala
  • Rasatala
  • Mahatala
  • Patala

Please read the separate articles for each chakra description.