Ascension & Healing

What is Ascension?


What is ascension? Ascension is a word that is used to describe the spiritual journey from the awakening up until the raise in consciousness is completed. There are many articles about it online, books about it and many talk about it. Let’s explore the whole concept of ascension in this blog post to see if it can be explained in a simplified manner.

A spiritual awakening takes place when a person realizes that there is more to life than what is perceived previously. When they realize that there must be a sense of living or a purpose in life other than the routine of going to work and coming back, there is an awakening.

Usually an awakening happens when a person hits a low point in life such as losing of a job, losing of a loved one, a trauma that takes place or something else that jolts their usual routine lifestyle. This creates space for contemplation because what seemed important doesn’t seem so important anymore. When all the distractions disappear, what remains are the things that matter.

When this happens, the person begins to search for something that would make sense. The pursuit of peace and happiness is where the ascension journey begins. What no longer is needed begins is disappear from life. All those things that filled the void within are removed. This makes space for healing the wounds that created the void in the first place.

The healing starts with what you call the Dark Night of the Soul where it feels like the person is thrown into an abyss of darkness that never ends. Everything seems to be falling away and nothing seems to go right. Through this the distractions are taken away and a bright light is shone upon how life was really lived. There is an endless pain as the person tries to grip onto something or the other to stay grounded.

Although the person tries to gain control, the universe will persist until all resistance ceases. When they try all avenues and fails, there is nothing left to do but surrender. The person is now able to tap into the flow of the universe. This is when a sense of peace comes over them. Then from that point onwards the process of ascension begins.

Ascension truly is healing all wounds, removing all blocks and doing the shadow work to get rid of the darkness that is covering our light. The process is not easy and does take some years. The healing process is done layer by layer in a way the person is able to handle.

Another big part of the ascension process is the activation of the 12 strand DNA and moving from carbon based to crystalline based. For those activations to take place the healing must be done first. This end result is going back to the original human template before falling to 3rd dimension.

Ascension is pretty much filled with ascension symptoms in the form of body aches and pains, fatigue, dehydration, emotional ups and downs and flu like symptoms. Anxiety and feeling of depression on some days is common when an upgrade is taking place. Frequent headaches due to the third eye activation is also common. Insomnia or infrequent sleep patterns may also take place.

All in all, the process of ascension is about rising in consciousness. In lower states of consciousness, perception is not that sharp and the truth may seem blurry. When consciousness rises, the individuals are able to be more intuitive, see the truth in situations and are have hones psychic abilities. Illusions are cut out and there is a need to be more authentic.

There will be a pull towards activities that are fulfilling at a soul level than surface level fun that the person took part in before the awakening. There is more attention paid to the surroundings and more awareness is created within the sphere of that person’s being. Being present and experiencing life at a deeper level becomes a norm.

An inclination to be more mindful of their actions on the world, more conscious of plant based food and overall desire to lead a more spiritual life can happen. There could be many changes that may take in the person. These are the usual indications of someone is in the path of ascension.

Things that will help are praying, mantras, meditation, listening to calm music, spending time in nature and other peaceful activities. Conscious breathing and being aware of the heart space can help take big strides in ascension. Keeping a journal about the experiences and writing down dreams can also help.