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Message About the 144 000

Message-about-the-144 000

🌸 Message about the 144 000 from a QHHT session that I did yesterday 🌸⠀

The way it was explained to us is that the 144000 are from the Source and should be plugged into the Source to transmit their unique frequency. ⠀

When we are connected, it reflects our true self (emphasizing contentment, being comfortable “being” and knowing our worth). ⠀

The network is when we connect to Source and also to each other to form a grid. We send out healing frequencies that heal by overriding the matrix programs. ⠀

Only thing we must do is to plug in and we will just “know” what actions to take. We were told “you are the code”. 

That is the message about the 144 000 that came up in the session.