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Two Dragons


I saw a vision of two dragons battling each other. One was a white, primordial dragon of Mother Goddess and the other was black and of the dark side, with a mouth similar to a crocodile.

This is the battle that is going on to free humanity from mental enslavement. It’s a spiritual battle that extends beyond the 5 perceivable senses. This is why it’s so hard for the unawakened human to understand.

The battle is real and it’s in the etheric realm. The battle that rooted in the 4D trickles down to 3D. TV’s are used as conditioning tools, celebrities are used as role models, food sully altered and medicine poisoned with chemicals. ⠀

What can you do to have a clear head? ⠀

🌼Biggest thing is to stop watching television that is filled with mind conditioning propaganda. ⠀

🌼Create a clear connection with yourself. ⠀

🌼Listen to your body. ⠀

🌼Live with a sense of purpose. To do that FIND your purpose. ⠀

This vision of two dragons made it clear to me that the spiritual war is on and we all must eventually choose a side.