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Month of October

month of October

This month of October has been quite the ride. The death/rebirth of the transformation cycle that took place over the month of October turned many situations inside out.

Fear, in many shapes and forms, creates a barrier that keep us away from being our authentic self.

Fear of what other people think was something that I had to overcome. We give our power away when we allow other people’s opinion to have an effect on us.

Overcoming duality was another aspect we had to overcome. By trying to be light always, we hide our shadow self when the lesson is to embrace both sides.

Removing people and situations out was a big theme. At a personal level I saw how I made excuses for other people’s bad behavior ignoring the effect it had on my self worth. Some things hide in plain sight.

Finding that beautiful haven where we belong within ourselves is the key to finding the haven we belong externally. Accept and receive the blessings available.