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Water Element


💧 Water Element 💧

There is no fear in water. There is fluidity. There is flow. There is permeability. There is alchemy. It is ability to carry.

Heavy, liquidity and fluidity. The molecules hold their hands together. They flow together. They find nooks and crannies to fill into spaces their molecules can fit.

Water has two aspects: solid and liquid. This element has two aspects that makes it mobile or fixed. That makes it special and adaptable.

There is flow. Go with the flow in the universe. That’s the way to be in higher dimensions. It allows malleability without breaking the process. It allows thoughts to exist so they can flow in the process of creation. When rigid, this flow breaks because it’s not flexible.

Manifestations also require the malleability and adaptability of the water element so your creation can manifest into the present reality without a premature break and destruction.

Example would be trying to twist wood. It would not hold because of its inflexible nature. But a rope can be bent and twisted to create something.

4D requires this fluidity and permeability. Mastery of multidimensional alchemy requires understanding of basic elements.