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Process of Ascension

Process of Ascension

The process of ascension and journey into becoming a lightworker and a healer is a bittersweet journey. Diving deep into shadow work is scary. Body and mind hurts. Hours of agony in trying to free ourselves by learning that lesson. Experiencing situations that enables us to help heal others who are in a similar situation is amazing.

When everyone you know turns their back on us, we kept going. When people thought we are crazy, we kept going. This journey was one of pure faith and resilience. We still keep going because we all have seen the bigger picture, the end result. Earth in 5th dimension.

5D earth is beautiful. It’s beautiful just like how it was during the ancient times. There is freedom to think, freedom to be your authentic self and freedom to express creatively. There is the feeling of love, joy and peace.

There is no debt slavery or trap in the monetary system. There is no work till you are exhausted. There is no controlling of others.

To get there you must each do your own shadow work. All those who are called to New Earth YOU KNOW. You may come across my page or some other spiritual page and begin to ponder. Spirituality is limitless, unlike religion. It is about exploring facets of humanity yet unknown and the relationship between humans and all that is external (nature, universe, God and our origin).

Embrace the process of ascension cleansing all that is linked to 3D. It’s not going to be as hard as it was for us the lightworkers, twin flames, starseeds, etc. but the unlearning and re-learning must be done and wounds must be opened and healed.