Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing 30 or 60 Minutes

Reiki healing sessions are perfect for those who are looking to heal at a mind, body and spirit level as it brings to direct healing energy to the body . The sessions helps to clear energy blocks to enable a smooth flow of energy to get rid of tensions and discomforts. Reiki is well-known for its gentle and potent healing properties.

Reiki distant healing session will enable the client sit or lie down comfortably in their bed or on a chair to receive the healing. During the session, each chakra will be worked on. The client will feel gentle sensations and vibrations in the body while the healing is doing on. Some may see colors. With activation and balancing of the chakra points, the healing energy can flow more abundantly. We all have this healing potential within us but due to blocks, it may be disrupted. Reiki helps to re-establish the natural flow.

The healing is energy is knows as Qi, Ki, Prana, etc. in different cultures but it is all the same. The life giving and life sustaining energy that ebbs through the body keeps us alive. Depletion of it or blocks in the path of its flow causes ailments. Reiki corrects these to align the body to its natural rhythm.

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