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Time to Level Up


Dear family of light time to level up.⠀
Another level up is taking place in the process of ascension. We are about to face more intense battles against the dark. To prepare for that here are some of the things we can do: ⠀

🕉 Get rid of any habits that distracts you ⠀

🕉Be conscious in the body and ground in the “now moment”

🕉Pay attention to synchronicities and signs around you⠀

🕉Be aware of your actions and timelines the actions create⠀

🕉Be away from people who lower your vibes⠀

🕉Know that you are who you are and your contribution is valuable to the ascension process

🕉We aware of the grid of light we form on Gaia and consciously partake in the illumination

🕉Know that unconditional love and light of Source flows through you as a child of God⠀

It is time to level up