Ascension & Healing

How Timelines Work


How timelines work is not that complicated if it is understood in a simple way. A timeline can be defined as a sequence of events that takes place over a period of time scattered with events that are consequential. A timeline is linear when it comes to earth but at the same time the exact time of each event can differ because one event is based on the previous event and the decisions taken.

Let’s unpack the above paragraph one by one. For visualization purposes just imagine a line with dots and certain dated events. Understand that line is linear time, that is, how time works on earth. Beyond earth time works as a spiral movement and expansion of time happens based on events or milestones. I will explain the celestial time in the next paragraph.

When the universe was born it came out in a spiral form. As it expands out the spiral circumference gets bigger and bigger. Like a slinky with one side of bigger circles while the other side is smaller. Each expansion is not due to time itself but due to an event that made its completion. Universe works in a milestone basis. Time frame to complete an event does not matter. It can take as long as it takes. When that event is complete, the next event arrives.

So, now we know that the timelines are spiral and they expand as events are completed. Next part is about how the timelines differ based on the decisions taken. If you recall the school lesson on probability. If you choose option A, you continue on in one route. Option B means, the other route. This is what happens as a butterfly effect when our personal choices and collective choices come together to form the new timelines.

The timelines are made all the time and old timelines that are obsolete or not in use are collapsed all the time as well. One example would be if majority of the people decided that they don’t want war, the strong consensus would be towards the timelines of peace. This is a very good example of how out thoughts contribute to our reality.

You can jump timelines too. This can be perfected with practice and effort. Most people do this subconsciously or without awareness. Higher timelines are those with more positive oriented results aligned with higher frequencies. Lower timelines are negative oriented timelines with lower frequencies. Lower frequency timelines hold alot of fear based thoughts and consequences.

To recap, how timelines work would be dependent on what vibration you hold, which is based on thoughts you have: mostly positive or mostly negative. Shifts to higher timelines means changing perceptions and belief systems. Ultimately, your mind is the controller of your reality and the harbinger of your timelines, whether it is conscious or unconscious. Intentions and affirmations can help to elevate to timelines with better outcomes.

All in all, it is definitely possible to shift timelines. When timelines interloop, you would remember past events differently than someone else. It is called the Mandela Effect where people remember events in two different ways or the spelling could be different in one timeline than the other. Death of Mandela is remembered differently by different people. I remember he died in 90’s so it was a bit of a shock when I learned otherwise. Bernstein Bears and Bernstain Bears shows the different spellings in two different timelines.

In conclusion, timelines can be complicated and simple. When we begin to pay attention, we are able to move in and out of different timelines or put ourselves in the highest timeline, that is any timeline that is aligned with moving to 5D (5th dimension). Most lower level timelines are collapsing or are being collapsed everyday to ensure the the major timelines are higher. There are those who choose to stay in lower timelines as their evolutionary path and certain lower timelines are kept open for them. In conclusion, we can say timelines are based on the choices we make.