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Calling to Align to New Earth

Calling-to-Align to-New-Earth

Calling to align to New Earth is here. The strong pull to move away from the chaos of 3D and to anchor the 5D vibrations in our reality is apparent. This has been the case for the last few days where I felt really disconnected from everything. It felt as if I lost my way. Lingering melancholy from the inability to feel the contentment of heading in the right direction kept me wondering what happened. ⠀

The energy that needed clearing surfaced with the situations that needed a change of direction. Then I was shown that it’s time to really focus on 5D to anchor in that reality permanently. We need to change to embody the 5D self.

Split of the worlds is happening now and we must embrace the evolution. If you are going through hard times, that’s clearing the old to make way for new. Hear the calling to align to New Earth.