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Centering to Navigate Through Current Energies


Centering to navigate through current energies is a really helpful way to push forward during this heavy time.

The current incoming energies feel like sink or swim types. Rapid changes keeps pushing everyone to the edge.

Low self worth issues should have been worked on already because that seems to be a wound that would create a struggle. Regardless of what anyone says, the goal now is to be yourself. It might not be what others like, it might trigger some or it might inspire others. Whatever it may be, stand your ground and find your place in this complex ecosystem of Earth.

Other people’s opinions of how you should live your life shouldn’t even be considered as important. Search within for the wounds that need clearing and healing. Go through each part of the body to look for tensions. Work on them and release.

Pull your light and energy to your heart center. Ground yourself and focus on your own self and your own growth. Channel in the energy you are supposed to ground with gratitude.

World maybe falling apart around you but be the strong pillar that cannot be taken down.

Free yourself from anything that limits you and ties you down. Feel it in your heart. Aversion or constriction means it’s no longer making you happy. Let it go and free yourself. You need to be as light as possible to fly. Centering to navigate through current energies will help energy to flow in and out without stagnating.