Listen to the Call of Lemuria


Listen to the call of Lemuria. It has been sent out. Mu energy is on the rise. The old way of being is coming back.

Ever since the lava flow began again in Kilauea, the Lemurian energy has been on the rise. The remnants of the lands are waking up. Old way of being is coming back. Do you feel it?

Feel the energy of the motherland that once stood in glory. Remnants of its old structures still creating wonder in parts of Pacific. Tap into the old memories that are flashing in your mind’s eye.

Today at 3 am the call of Lemuria was sent out. I awakened to seeing the energy that was ignited in Hawaii. It was like a song/frequency that was carried in the wind. It went out to find all all sentient beings to rise up to the frequency of Mu.

Something ancient is waking up. The harmony that once stood between all living being with nature is being called back. There was a flow between all life on Earth and Mother Earth. This flow gives all that we need.

The phrase “you have everything you need” resonated in my head while flashes of the seagull spirit animal sparked the knowing of what that phrase means exactly. The seagull spirit animal speaks of using whatever the resources we have. They are a type of bird who finds things wherever they are and make the best of it. The same way we are called to be innovative to use resources that are available to us.

Exact explanation is how the Lemurians used nature to resolve their problems and tend to their needs. They used their advanced knowledge of crystals, trees, Earth electromagnetic field, gravity, etc. to their advantage. They were advanced but not through machines that disrupts the human body’s natural frequency (especially electronics). It was through nature itself by combining what’s found to it’s highest use.

We are called to bring our own piece of the Mu civilization through our work and way of living to hold that frequency for the manifestation to solidify. It’s about finding things from nature and incorporating it into our lives. Being close to nature and communicating with nature, we can calibrate to the right frequency that compliments our being.

Our work is to utilize the natural resources on earth to live optimally. There are many natural resources, free energy and complete healing methods that exists. They are either forgotten or untapped into. Part of ascension is to go back to that harmony, the simple life.

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Right after that vision I had a moment of clarcognizance where the realization of being part of Source came through. God is within us. We have everything within to do what we need. Like unlimited resources, unlimited power and unlimited knowledge. We have natural access to what God knows. That means unlimited creative power. So, I’m a part of God that came to create a new potential for Earth by holding a new frequency and building upon it.

We have to think about what are we going to create in this blank canvas of “new earth” and it will be a possible reality. It’s like “what do we create?” Have fun with it and be in that frequency and others will follow suit. It’s doing and being an example to those who are not aware of ancient ways of being and for those who are not awakened yet.

We have been conditioned all our lives to think we are less. Also we think it’s normal to feel and to know what we know spiritually, whereas it’s more difficult for others. So the key is to access our out of the box thinking and merge it with intuition.

I remember as a child I would walk around and collect things and create art with them. I gather, look at them and find ideas to match them into something beautiful. Most lightworkers, starseeds and other advanced souls have this creative potential because they are able to tap into it, consciously or subconsciously.

So, that’s where meditation, intuition and freedom of mind comes in. When we go inwards and learn to be ourselves, we are embracing more of who were were as children. We are going back to our prime days as earth is going back to its prime time.

Simplicity is only accessible to a child because their mind is not stained by fear. There is freedom. Through that freedom we access unlimited potential because anything is possible through that purity. There is unlimited possibilities with an unlimited range of imagination. So more we heal and raise in frequency, more we reach that child like state of mind. Creativity and knowledge would flow freely within us.

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