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Everybody lives in their own cocooned worlds. Their perception, their truth and their limited knowledge comprises this little reality.

It mixes in with other realities from time to time like different light beams interacting with each other, attracting “like” and repelling “different”.

Truth is seen from different points of views. Just like looking at a disco ball, the angle of view from each side is different depending on where each person is standing.

It is weighed through the depth of experience, measured by the amount of knowledge and filtered through rose colored glasses. We can agree to disagree but the bitter pill is there hidden in plain sight.

Respecting other’s truth although we don’t necessarily resonate with it is something we can do for others. We may not understand why, but each individual has the right to live their best life and believe in their truth.

With that because big said, we all have the right to set boundaries as well. Authenticity and true soul expression flows freely with the safe space that boundaries provide, free from judgement and criticism.