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Lion’s Gate Portal


Lion’s Gate Portal on this August 8th is bringing beautiful energies to earth.

How fitting that I find this pic for Lion’s Gate Portal today. With #savethechildren movement going on, I was reminded that Lion is a protector but also a being who is child like.

Lion beings of Sirius are part of the team of healers who assist me with healing childhood trauma and core wounds. It’s easy to get lost in their gentle energy. When it comes to protection they are fierce.

What a beautiful message they bring today of hope with the break of a new dawn that is taking place today. The fears are dissipated, what seemed impossible is possible now. This year, the portal is at its strongest because it’s time. The Golden Age is in the horizon with the break of this dawn.

Can you feel it? The safety, warmth and nurture of Sirius. The mother who takes care of her children. The Divine Feminine who returns to take her rightful place. May all her children rejoice! The golden flow is pouring upon Earth on this Lion’s Gate Portal.