Road to Serenity

Road to Serenity – Intro


Road to Serenity – Intro is the first blog post introducing the Road to Serenity series. This was a by product of my daily advice giving to friends about the road to peace. One day it occurred to me that the wisdom could somehow be summarized which can be referred as opposed to giving the same advice over and over. 

Spirituality is discussed by many as a favorite topic as many people find themselves “awakening”. Though it’s a fancy term, it simply means that the individual accepts the divinity within them and the presence of the merged spirit, soul and body becomes apparent at the conscious level.

Oneness with the universe  and Source is not to be taken for granted and is a work in progress. At the time period we live in, it is more difficult as the environmental factors such as pollution, bad food choices and the stress of daily life can prove difficult to keep the happy mojo or high vibrations going. After a day or two, some level of fading away occurs for most people ebcause life gets in the way.

My hope is that through this blog post series, the reader will receive guidance on their spiritual path. Each of our journeys are different, yet the destination is the same. Some patterns and lessons are common. By taking simple methods that can be incorporated into the daily life, we can set the foundation for a more conscious life and build spiritual practices upon it. Road to Serenity presents different ways that worked for me that I enjoy sharing with all of you.