Ascension & HealingCreation

Creating Beauty


Ever wished for Superman or God to save you? We all have at one point or the other in life. Maybe that’s a part of being human. The question is, however, is that what we plan to do for the rest of our lives? Wait for someone to save us. Only you can save yourself by creating beauty around you and stepping gracefully into having an all-rounded human experience.

How about creating beauty in our own reality and making our dreams come true? Yes, we have the power to create lovely things into manifestation. So, why exactly are we waiting for someone else to save us when we just need a tad more imagination?

Each time we pray or wish for something, we create an intention. Through that intention we create our reality. So when we pray, our intentions are focused on what we want our reality to be. If we practice thinking or saying out loud what our intentions are, we can get into the habit of creating what we want around us. 

Spiritual Coaching

Session $88

Embarking on this healing journey will help the client to see things from a different perspective and to recognize the patterns that keeps them stuck. The discussion itself can be healing as the blocks, fears and suppression of the energy maybe what is holding you back.

Energy Healing

Session $111

 The healer will provide space to release the past traumas, abuse, emotional baggage, repressed emotions and other shadow aspects. This release is like a clean up that creates space for light and positive aspects to enter your life.

Always remember like attracts like. While making positive intentions, positive events will arrive at your doorstep and the same goes for the opposite. So, let your words be sweet in case you have to eat them tomorrow. Your future is definitely the product of yesterday’s mindset.

Words being powerful tools, use them to say out things that you dare to have. Maybe something like, “My day will be wonderful with happy surprises” or “I will have plenty of money to go on a vacation in two months”. Use your imagination and get your feet wet! Practice makes perfect! 

Imagination is another powerful tool of creation. Think of what makes your soul dance? Imagine having that! Feel the feelings around having. That’s very important. Visualizing from a place of lack doesn’t bring the desired outcomes. Always carry the feeling that you have everything you need because that is the present circumstance that you are your way up from. Acknowledging the resources you have is a sign of gratitude. Gratitude brings more.

If you are creating beauty what more is better than what falls under creativity itself? Sketching, painting, writing articles, writing poems, dancing, crafts and all that good stuff. Creative flow allows energy movement within your body. Abundance flows. It never stagnates. Joy in creativity moves the energy. It vibrates the energy in your body into a blissful resonance during soul aligned self-expression.

Creating beauty for our self and for others around us takes persistence and determination at first to kick start. With passing of each day, many wonderful things may fall at your feet. Life is meant to be lived with happiness. Embrace life without judgement while create beauty. This allows fears to dissipate, allowing authenticity to be celebrated within your whole being.