Road to Serenity

Road to Serenity – Start of Spirituality (2)


First things first about start of spirituality. No one, I mean NO ONE succeeded in this world without hard work. That is vital to remember. Universe does not throw rewards for being a lazy turd. You need to work hard and work towards something to achieve success. That means setting time aside and finding practices that are right for you.

In the same  light, let’s think about how to build spiritual momentum. Start out by doing chakra meditations every day for a few days. You can just listen to chakra cleansing and healing music as background music as you work, clean, etc. There is no need to pay attention as the body will pick up the frequencies and the chakras will attune without needing to put so much attention. Using this mechanism to get your body used to it.

Amount of time spent on meditation is up to you. There is no right and wrong amount. Start of spirituality should be using simple methods to get into the right vibration. The difference can be noticed by how collected you feel. The sound vibrations will be felt by your physical, spiritual, mental, emotional and astral body. The energy will positively align with a pattern that is in sync with the universe. That’s when scattered thoughts will become calm.

Mind and thoughts are aligned. Thought patterns lead the mind.

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Listening to a meditation music piece can be very effective if you lie down and listen. As your body is able to relax more in the lying down position, you might catch yourself falling asleep but when you get up, there will be a feeling of weight being lifted off the shoulders. When too many things are taking your energy and attention, it can be stressful. Too many things but at the end of the day nothing achieved.

Starting with the chakra music or meditations is one of the easiest ways to align. What I learned is that the spine is like a veena, the musical instrument. Each chakra has a different sound like the 7 music chords. By listening to the sound frequency for each chakra, you are re-attuning the chakras to their original sound, which gets you more aligned with the true vibrations of the body. This reduces stress on all levels.

Try this method for at least an hour a day for two weeks to see results. You know when its working when you feel a lot calmer. Mind chatter reduces day by day. Relaxation comes in like a ninja. Soon you will be at work meetings like a monk overdosed on zen and wonder why people get so worked up over nothing. Comment below if this worked for you.