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Energy Reading for the Year 2021


This post contains an energy reading for the year 2021 using tarot, oracle cards and runes. Starting the year off in the right footing is important. For a the ones who are the forerunners in the ascension journey, that’s a tough matter. We just came out of a very emotional Full Moon in Cancer where many situations that are linked to emotional difficulties ended. Mental pressures and emotional flares were the highlight of that. With that being said, dancing into the new year is not an easy feat, especially knowing what we will overcome and accomplish in 2021.

The first impression I received of 2021 is “Clarity”. This is the theme for this year. Last year was growth and boy! what a year of growth it has been. I believe through that growth we’ve has in 2020, we learned a great deal about ourselves and those who are around us. The assessments of various situations in life took place thanks to staying at home. New directions in life were taken to remedy the situations that are not making us happy.

This year of 2021 is about forging ahead with ascension. I mean honestly speaking, most of us are ready to bulldoze through whatever bs that comes our way to complete ascension. We are soooo ready for 5D. Like get us the fu** out of here. Peace out! Byeee!

The desire to be in a better world gave us the push to set foundations for the better future. Now in 2021, we build. Rapid, rapid growth. Exponential. There are opportunities that we never dreamt of. Faith and resilience has paved way to these manifestations we will receive this year. Set worry aside because nothing can stop what is coming.

All our lives we’ve been the ones that never fit. This year will bring us to our best version, the highest self. The worries will have no place because the energy is too high for any negativity to grab a hold of your attention.

Looking at the cards pulled there is growth we will experience this year with our life purpose. Great strides in using divine guidance with the beautiful energies coming in (that are in our favor) to life the current lifestyle and finances up. I mean we’ve waited for this ever so patiently for months now. This is our chance so, grab it and run to the finishing line.

We worked on setting boundaries last year but, especially, with the Cancer Full moon at the end of 2020. That set off some fireworks with family and friends who are not in alignment with the journey we are on. The underlying lesson is that strict boundaries need to be established in order to fully harness the energies and opportunities without distractions. Yet, be mindful of their side too. follow your guidance and do what is prompted while releasing expectations.

There is growth no another level this year. Deeper healing, more challenges to overcome but nothing we can’t handle. At the level we are, there is awareness of what we came to do. With the understanding that there will be situations that will challenge us, we can step forward (without looking back), to use the knowledge that we have to use everything to our advantage.

There will be those who do not understand the spilt of the worlds. That’s not our problem anymore. This year is building as fast or faster as the old world crumbles. Slow and steady will win the game. There is no need to rush, we are exactly where we need to be. We are given support exactly when we need it. Hold on to the faith that the universe got our back. Receive all resources that we need to fulfill the purpose of us being here.

We must take responsibility for our own healing and find the light within. This year is crucial to bring out our light and shine it. There is much work to be done. Every situation will bring us closer to planetary ascension, our goal. This energy reading for the year 2021 is telling us that we are ready to master the higher forms of creation. So, go out there and have fun!

There will be a lot of self reflection in regards to the growth and what will work for us and what will not. Having grown very accustomed to our inner being, this will be an easy thing. Discrepancy and inner reflection will guide us through this year of external world turmoil. Change is never easy on the general collective and radical change with things falling apart will bring our collective fear in the world arena. Our part is to hold our light to transmutate, hold positive energy without getting sucked into the fear. This is where putting boundaries comes in handy. Shields up!

There will be powerful changes that will come sweeping in unexpectedy but good changes. It’s like the universe will be giving us WHATEVER we need to get this done. So, get it done! No distractions, no doubting and no looking back. Inner guidance, light and love will lead the way. Follow the joy and creativity. Yea I know it’s easier said than done. The point here is, let’s try our best.

On a positive note, your love life will have significant improvements. If you were high and dry for years like me (alot of us were in order to “heal”), you will find a beautiful partnership with an amazing co-creator like yourself. The beauty and growth experienced together will lead you towards much happiness. There is unrivaled chemistry between the two of you and this will lead to a whole new world of discovery (I’m starting to sound like Cafe Astrology compatibility report).

Do not allow past toxic cycles to repeat again. Let’s go over the list:

  1. Everyone is here to live their life.
  2. There is nothing wrong with other people’s life.
  3. There is nothing wrong with your life.
  4. Mind your business
  5. People don’t need saving
  6. You answer to yourself only
  7. Other people’s opinions are only good for them. Not for you
  8. Consider your happiness
  9. You don’t need to sacrifice your comfort level for other’s happiness
  10. There is enough for everyone
  11. Do not judge
  12. Source energy flows through you
  13. Honor the body that which holds the Source energy
  14. Create happiness and peace in your life to spread that.

Hope you all have an amazing year. May all your dreams come true. Remember whatever happens, we came here for this. We came to build a better future. Master creators take in the energy and create powerful manifestations. So, I conclude this energy reading for the year 2021 saying that we are here to share the magic that is hidden.

Love and light my fellow master creators!