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Why Dealing With Trauma is Important for the Ascension Process


In this article I speak of why dealing with trauma is important for the ascension process. Many people refuse to deal with trauma because it hurts too much. We need to process the unhealed wounds to release them. If they are pushed under the rug, they fester over time. Dealing with unhealed wounds is like washing mud off the body or cleaning the infection off a wound so that medicine can be put on it to heal.

In the beginning, way back in the ancient days, I remember we used to be in harmony with nature. I was part of the original creators or Elohim who came to seed Earth. You can call this the Indian mythology but this dates really way back before actual written records were kept. That was when Earth was a paradise. You can play with animals and trees. They communicated with you as highly conscious beings.

This one memory really stuck with me. That was watching Vishnu as a human swinging out of Sheshnag, who is a giant cobra. Sheshnag is the thousand hooded cobra that the Vedic scriptures talk about and yes, they all existed. The myth is not a myth because I have distinct memories of it.

The incredible harmony that was felt with nature surprised me. It was all play and having fun. Admiring the beauty of our creation. All beings knew we were their creators and loved us. There was no sense of fear.

Over the years, trauma had been collected. Something small that happened would be collected like a droplet of water. It became bigger and bigger as the civilization came and went. That existing trauma created more trauma. Now the pool has gotten pretty big.

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DNA is like an SD drive. It stores everything from the creation story to the galactic wars to the stories of our star ancestors who presented the modern human with their genes to the stories of Earth. All of that is stored on top of the DNA codes that makes our body the way it is.

During this time of evolution, some DNA became dormant because lifestyle changed or the way we did things changed. A perfect example is using sunlight to use as energy in the body. Plants are able to do it but not animals or humans. At one point in history, all living beings derived their energy from the sun. There was no need for food. So changes like this made certain genes go dormant.

An experiment was done to see if dormant DNA can be re-activated using amoeba. They were put in a tank with only sunlight to feed on. The experiment was successful proving that the dormant genes can be activated and sunlight can be used as an energy source.

A perfect example of DNA memory is the monarch butterfly. This butterfly has the path of migration stored in the DNA memory. Although it’s the third generation that makes it to the destination from their journey that started in the South to North, the group completes the journey through memory. How amazing is our DNA memory!

Likewise, some trauma that happened to our far distant ancestor changes the way things are done in the family AND the trauma itself is etched into the DNA memory. That changes what is passed on to the future generations as heritage. Now that additional fear is added, there is room for more fears to be added.

Removing trauma is about clearing those acquired patterns that were generated out of fear. Those obstructs the human from living in that original way of being like were meant to. It’s about changing thought patterns and habits that enables letting go and purging what is not truly ours as a human race. As divine creation, we are love and light. Ascension is the journey back to that forgotten self.

In doing so, we re-activate the dormant genes codes and creating a reality where they can be used. The idea of ascension is exactly that. Go back to the original just as the Monarch butterflies try to make it back to their original destination.

Going back to my childhood I remember how confused I was that the animals are running away from me. My way of being was in harmony with nature. This life and person that I am is so infused with ancient India and even much older than that. That mentality meant that I was used to playing with animals, birds coming to me and no bug bites. So that was very confusing how that energy of harmony I was carrying around as a child was not returned to me. Also, the way adults regarded animal and plant life also confused me.

Now that I look back, There is an understanding of why that consciousness was ingrained in me from the beginning of this life. Forgetting that consciousness I merged into the matrix making my bloodlines who I am. After being spiritually awakened, the journey was tracking back to the origin. Krishna Consciousness became clear to me as harmony and love were that reigned on Earth once.

When we deal with the trauma we heal out bloodline, we heal Earth and we allow the harmony that was there between man and nature to reinstate. We remove the trauma from animals and plants that was caused due to our ignorance and allow them to also dissipate fears. All beings living in harmony.

Clearing trauma and releasing the darkness by doing shadow work is not something to be fearful of. It is the path to ascension. That’s why dealing with trauma is important for the ascension process. Your light cannot come through with the dark blocks covering it. We heal bloodlines, we heal land and we heal ourselves to pass on newer traditions to the future generations by healing trauma.